Terms & Conditions:

MyVelo’s number 1 priority is to keep your possessions as safe as possible. Each bicycle has its own dedicated slot in which it is housed for the entire journey. At the drop off point, you will be allocated a number in which your bicycle will be slotted into. On collection, you will present the number and your bike will be removed from the specially designed trailer. Skilled staff will be at the collection and drop off points to place and remove your machine for use at your event.

MyVelo Bicycle Transport will take the best possible care of all equipment that is been transported from start to finish. However, we cannot take responsibility of any losses or damages (including losses and damage as a result of force majeure) to Customers’ equipment (unless such losses and damage arising as a direct result of gross negligence and/or willful misconduct by MyVelo Bicycle Transport). MyVelo Bicycle Transport shall further not be responsible for consequential losses or damage under any circumstances whatsoever.

MyVelo Bicycle Transport focuses on the best possible means of transportation, however, it is the customer’s responsibility to have their equipment insured in case of possible misfortune.

Bicycle Storage:

Please note that MyVelo Bicycle Transport does not have storage facilities for bicycles that have not been collected in the allocated time slots. All bicycles will be left with NorthCliff Cycles at a fee of R 100 per day which will have to be paid directly to NorthCliff Cycles. MyVelo Bicycle Transport will not be held responsible for any bicycles left with Northcliff Cycles during this period.

Bicycle delivery at drop off points:

All bicycles need to be delivered in good health i.e. a clean bike is a happy bike! Please remove all loose items. MyVelo Bicycle Transport shall not be liable for any losses or damage to removable items.

Protecting your Bicycles whilst in our care:

MyVelo Bicycle Transport has spent the time, effort and money on designing a trailer that houses your machine safely whilst in transit. The roll on rolls off mechanism that has been designed will make sure that the bicycle is sturdy during the transit from start to finish. No bicycle will be touching any other bike while in transit. Each bike has its own slotted area, where it can rest and be ready for use at your event.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of bookings where notice is received THIRTY (30) days prior to commencement date of booked events shall be entitled to a FIFTY percent (50%) refund.

Cancellation of bookings where notice is received LESS THAN THIRTY (30) days prior to commencement date of booked events shall not be eligible for ANY refund.

In the event of unforeseen circumstances, replacement/transferring bookings will be accepted on the following condition:

1. All transferring info needs to be forwarded on to MyVelo Bicycle Transport prior to the drop off for the event

Personal Information:

MyVelo Bicycle Transport reserves the right to make use of personal information provided for our own further business opportunities & information. All information gained during this time will not be sold or given to a 3rd party advertising agency. Thank you for choosing MyVelo Bicycle Transport for your transport requirements, we assure you that the information provided will be treated in strictest confidence. We look forward to making your events simple and easy.

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